Leadership and Resilience Thinking: Connecting the dots

COVID remains a ravaging force across the world. The spate of deaths and forced isolation persists despite all odds. Barely halfway into January the death count alone presents a significant foreboding of what 2021 may portend. And it is really unnerving that we are getting used to people dying daily at such record numbers. We need the scientists driving key decisions on science and medicine, and planners and strategists working alongside them. I had some interesting conversations last week on ‘hard’ versus ‘soft’ disciplines. It is thought provoking how funders of research often seek the former with vigour, ignoring other…

Rethinking Responsiveness: Change for the Future

Cities have always absolved many of the instances and effects of change. And resilience in its traditional sense is a lesson that may be learned from them. However, what typically happens following a disaster for which resilience is tested is that in response we risk developing a misaligned focus and a dissipated awareness of the situation. For example, after the terrorist attack on New York City and the London Underground, these two cities went into a lockdown as the devastation crippled key infrastructure connected to mass travel. The focus was that the biggest disaster from disruption, chaos and death most…

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