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Profile Summary

I graduated in Marketing with Distinctions in 2001, obtained the prestigious Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) London in 2003, and was inducted as a graduate member at the Barbican in London, in 2004. In addition, by 2005, I had also obtained my Master of Arts degree in Marketing from the University of Portsmouth, UK, and earned a Distinction for my dissertation.

After my studies, I went to work briefly for Procter and Gamble in Nigeria and moved on shortly afterwards to the United States to focus on furthering my career in governance, sustainable innovation, policy and strategy development. I have since then received the project management professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a Master of Science (MS) in Management Information Systems (MIS) with a focus on Information Assurance and Cybersecurity strategy.

Insights for Impactful Research

I have had two decades of experience with insights and leadership in marketing and project management. It is within these sets of exposures that my competencies as a writer, marketing communicator, strategist and project management professional were honed.
Furthermore, I’m fuelled by an inclination to work and conduct research on the cutting-edge of knowledge and innovation, of which unlocking the ethos of ‘sustainability’ and the pursuit of ‘resilience’ are inextricably linked.

Current Research

To this end, my research interest focuses on exploring the dynamics around how cities as organisations, can build resilience into their development processes; seeking to focus on the implication of trust (privacy and security) governance on urban planning policies for smart cities’ development.
I currently provide advisory and consultancy services to organisations and leaders seeking answers to pertinent questions on the challenges of managing cybersecurity education, awareness and training programs for their employees. I also provide advisory services on information assurance, cross-platform integration, project management, integrated marketing communications, smart city branding and project management.

As a result of my intellectual and technical background, I am knowledgeable in policy development and governance within the domain of technology, strategy and information security. I am thus able to advise public and private sector leadership on effectively navigating required management and marketing strategies as well as effecting a rethinking in the planning of cities, and public space initiatives.
My aim is to help organizations and people from all walks of life embrace the change dynamics of their business and policy landscape to continually educate, persuade and engage all stakeholders within those decision making spaces as informed participants.

Shade Adepeju-Joseph, MA MS FCIM PMP

CEO & Industry Analyst

Resilience Thinking Media Institute

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