Apple announces another event, called ‘Unleashed’

Apple (AAPL) will host a virtual event on October 18, the company announced Tuesday. According to the Apple rumor mill, the company is likely to use the event to release an updated version of its high-end MacBook Pro laptop.
The event features the tagline “Unleashed,” according to a tweet from Apple’s SVP of marketing, Greg Joswiak. “These next six days are going to speed by,” Joswiak tweeted.
The event comes barely a month after Apple unveiled a slew of new products, including four new iPhones, a new Apple Watch and new iPads.
Apple has switched to its powerful in-house M1 silicon chips for its computer lineup, and the event name and artwork — which features a hyperspace version of Apple’s logo — could be a nod to further speed and performance upgrades.

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